Free Laptops Without Surveys

We’ve all seen the banners and signs flashing before us and promising that we will get free stuff if we just take a survey. Sounds very tempting, right? I mean all you have to do is answer some questions and then get a free laptop? Who could pass that offer up? Well, plenty of people do pass it up and the reason is mainly due to the amount of time needed to take the survey. Although the offer of receiving a free laptop is hard to pass up (who wouldn’t want a free laptop?) not everyone has the time to dedicate to this method of receiving a free laptop.

Answering surveys can be a very time-consuming task. Even if there is a prize, such as a free laptop, in the end it may still be hard to find the time to dedicate to answering questions and giving your opinions for the sake of receiving a free gift. If this describes your situation and you feel that you simply do not have the time to give to taking a survey yet are looking at ways in which you can get a free laptop, then read on.

Taking a survey in order to get free items is a common occurrence nowadays but there are some other ways in which to apply for and acquire a free laptop without taking a survey, so if you are looking specifically for a free laptop without having to partake in a long survey then there are some options.

Online Contests

Entering contests are usually fast and easy and can even be fun. There are many types of contests that you can enter but the most popular are composed of games, such as in the form of trivia questions where some of your knowledge might be tested, and also by the submission of entries in which one will be randomly selected.

Sign Up for Free Offers

Many companies will offer you a free laptop if you sign up to receive offers with other companies that promote their product. For example, sign up to receive information on how to build your own website or sign up to receive free financial information along with your free credit report. Once you sign up with these offers you will receive the free item but be sure to pay close attention to the offer you signed up for; most offers are free for 30 days and then they will bill you so be sure to read the small print.

Grants and Sponsorships

Another way of obtaining a free laptop without taking surveys is looking into grants and sponsorships. Many non-profit organizations have programs where they give away free laptops based on certain criteria. For example, if you are low-income, unemployed, disabled, or a minority (there are numerous categories in which you can check to see if you qualify) then you can simply submit an application to get a free laptop from that specific organization.

Be Careful!

Make sure any organization you select is legitimate before submitting any personal information.

Do not give out any credit card information as this is not needed when applying for grants or scholarships.

Read all the conditions and terms carefully.